699-The German for '6-no-no'.

The worst way to Arriva

Because getting the bus to university is an absolute joke

Kardashian Beauty store

Who wants to look like a Kardashian?

Good taste comes to die at Kardashian Beauty in Clayton Square.

How long before the guild starts breathalysing?

Take my breath away: Bum out bouncers will turn you away if you’ve had over three pints

Wetwipe bouncers will make you pass a breathalyser test before letting you in


The best clubbers at Love Wednesdays

Depending on your definition of the best

Boob grab

Were you up to DiRtY AnTiCs?

Take a look to see if you made this week’s cut


‘They make me feel physically and mentally sick’: fresher plagued by button phobia

You think your life is tough? Imagine not being able to do up that top button like all the other indie kids


Controversial Hillsborough cop has honorary degree delayed

The Commissioner is under investigation for misconduct on the night of the tragedy


Who wants to see a de-kegg video?

The old-school craze is back and on the streets of Liverpool

Thomas with his girlfriend

Fresher savaged by Twitter trolls after trying to publicise charity

Fresher was bombarded with hateful tweets after tweeting a Sun article to the University account

wavertree shooting

Father shot in front of his child in Wavertree

He was shot as he left his home last night

Smacked steve featured image

The strangest burglary ever? Students’ house ransacked then guilt-ridden robber returns goods

Liverpool local ‘Smack’ed Steve’ gives a lesson in security


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead


The Wolf of Abercromby Square: PhilSoc President says he’s a modern day Jordan Belfort

He drinks booze for breakfast because it’s cheaper than orange juice

It really sucks.

The new Starbucks is not welcome

Why are we being offered poor, unethical coffee?

No spray no lay

No pay no spray: Battered second-year kicked out of Camel after stealing perfume from toilet attendant

And no lay either

Beatles featured image

The Jac is back: Iconic Beatles club to re-open

Young John Lennon painted a mural in the girls’ loos here

image (11)

There’s a lot more to Arts Club than Chibuku

See how the Seel Street hot spot shapes up for food and booze

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