It’s not always tracksuits and flip flops

Carnatic Hall’s formals are a chance for everyone to get their glad rags on, get pissed on free wine with the wardens and have an actually decent meal from the canteen.

Despite the theme being “black and white ball”, outfits of all colours were on show and everyone looked the part.


Someone’s always got to be in a flowery shirt


Classy booze and classier freshers


Because we all know that champagne flutes are the perfect accessory


This fresher puts the chic in geek with his checked tie and blazer combination


These girls brought the Upper East Side to Mossley Hill XOXO


The glamour stakes have been raised by these blonde beauties


This group of girls show some fierce LBD appreciation


Bow ties were a particular favourite amongst the boys

  • dfdf

    What do you think you’ve actually done here? You’ve taken several photos of freshers and added nothing of value to it.