Five fashion stereotypes you see in lectures

The lecture theatre is a melting pot of every single student subculture, and looking at how they dress is much more interesting than paying attention to the lecturer.


Just graduated? London will suck out your soul and your money

Heading for the Big Smoke? Turn around. You can’t afford it and you’re not even welcome


Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan will NOT face rape charges

Police say no further action will be taken


We asked some grown ups for their patronising advice about uni

Ever wondered on what it might be like to finish uni, pay a mortgage and experience more than one 7 o’ clock a day?


This Lancashire night club video will make you believe in fun again

Watch the ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ crew absolutely having it

Inside or out

Five ways to celebrate finishing exams

Entirely unpredictable ways to celebrate the curtailment of your academic year

Today's Carnage punters are tomorrow's Jeremy Kyle guests

You have to be a moron to go to Carnage

We’ve long believed it about the popular bar crawl but after four Cardiff girls beat up a homeless person, we guess it’s official: the only people who like Carnage are twats


Clubber Steve: The Movie

VIDEO: Clubbing at boob level with Oxford’s biggest baller


Miss England hopefuls do a bikini shoot, and that is literally the whole story

The Miss England Beach Beauty swimwear round was in Torquay today. Here are some pictures of the action unfolding


Ban booze from campus, say Home Office and NUS…even though student drinking is DROPPING

Patronising Alcohol Impact scheme orders unis to ban drinking in SU bars and stamp out pub crawls


Street Style: Juicy vs Pause

The academic year may be coming to a close however The Tab’s very own fashion philosophers refuse to pack away their microscope and notepads.


As a law student, can you please shut the fuck up

Your typical ‘lawyer’ is a charmless, robotic smuggard

Seven themes the Summer Ball should have been

From Lib Dems to Disney, have a look at The Tab’s list of seven themes that probably should have been used to liven up the Summer Ball.


The seven ways girls handle breakups

From caving to the temptations of Ben and Jerry’s, to declaring thermonuclear war.

Dodgy cannabis on a high in Liverpool

Students are urged to watch what they smoke as potent synthetic cannabis is passed around the city

StudentFunder team (ready to press the button) (1)

Can’t afford to do a Masters? Can’t afford not to?

Fund your postgraduate or professional course with StudentFunder.com


The Summer Ball: To wear or not to wear?

With much on-going speculation around the Summer Ball, every attendee is asking the same question- what on EARTH are we supposed to wear?

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