Beatles featured image

The Jac is back: Iconic Beatles club to re-open

Young John Lennon painted a mural in the girls’ loos here

image (11)

There’s a lot more to Arts Club than Chibuku

See how the Seel Street hot spot shapes up for food and booze

pup 2 fb

The Athena Appeal: Pooch seeks loving family

Please find this puppy a home

robert goodwin fb

Welcome, and… you’re fired: Liverpool grad not sweet enough for Lord Sugar

Robert Goodwin was axed for being ‘a bottler’

tree on fire

There is a tree on FIRE on Smithdown Road

No joke, check out the video

central teacing hub

Professor gives CPR following ‘serious medical emergency’ in lecture theatre

Witnesses in Central Teaching Hub say lecturer was left shaken

Caught in action

Fiddler on the roof: Student caught masturbating over housemate on roof

Close your blinds in Kenny

Touch my Hobnobs and I'll knife ya with my butter knife

The Carni creep: Salisbury Hall haunted by weirdo who breaks into rooms and watches girls sleep

Ex-resident returns to Carni and freaks everyone out in the process

The swanky new Everyman

Curtain Call: Everyman wins national architect prize

The Everyman theatre can finally take a bow

charlie's cshow fb

Hot or not? Charlie’s venomous tongue tells you where you’ve gone wrong

Resident style slater Charlie Worral brings us the latest in fashion faux pas from this week

fb optimized au nights

AU moves to the Guild, still as messy as ever

You were out in force last night


No one is worried about Ebola hitting Liverpool

Liverpool is on red alert for the virus, but no one really cares


We asked the SJ for their grimmest one night stand stories

Because who doesn’t want to reveal their dirtiest secrets about one night stands when they’re in the library?

piss hair

That’s pisstory – fresher hit by flatmate’s urine on the 699 bus

That’s one way of bonding with a flatmate


Initiations are just dirty and immature

Initiations aren’t cool, enjoyable or impressive

Trying to keep warm is a difficult task.

North Pole wing? Icy temperatures hit Sydney Jones

Everyone’s freezing their tits off in Grove Wing